Creative essay winner "change and environmental protection

Creative essay winner "change and environmental protection

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  "China Textile News" agency sponsored by the China Fashion Designers Association, the Government Keqiao District Shaoxing hosted "China Textile City Cup" 2014 China International Fashion Design Competition Finals and Award Ceremony in Ke bridge concluded. From Tsinghua University student Mei Xiaodong Australia won 80,000 yuan gold medal, becoming the biggest winner on the spot. In addition, Hu Ming Fang, Disagreement Silver gains, LUO Jian, Jiao Lixian, Haley Newman won the Bronze Medal.

  The final scene, a total of 27 designers to bring more than 150 sets of group creative works ultimate competition. The design of the elite from around the world skillfully blend contemporary style with ethnic groups, the concept of environmental protection and fashion style has machines for the commercial development of creative ideas and clever docking. By holding events, the fashion designer who has ten thousand kinds of fabrics further taste of China Textile City style, held during the event, "fabrics and clothing" fashion salon chain, also help designers in this procurement to more good quality , well-designed fabric products.

  2009 inaugural tournament once appeared to becoming the Beijing China International Fashion Week as well as an important part of Keqiao Textile Fair through direct contact with the local textile enterprises, so that the seeds of creativity in Keqiao emerged. After six sessions of continuous promotion, promotion, competition in terms of influence, engagement or levels players have been further improved.

  Since the tournament was founded, China Textile City on the way and the two organizers work together to promote and improve the development of China's fashion industry. In keeping up with the economic situation at home and abroad, while dynamically changing industry, the event hosted more content, in promoting domestic fashion forward and creative industries, but also find a self-generated power.

  Call for Papers segment of this year's event showed the following characteristics: First, with the race to increase efforts to promote and spread word of mouth marketing, the number of entries this year reached more than 1700 copies of the manuscript. Second, the rising level of domestic players, not only attracts more than 40 professional institutions and senior undergraduate students to participate, but also attracted a large number of graduate and professional teachers enthusiastic contribution; the same time, many well-known designer studios have launched cutting-edge designers entered the competition. Thirdly, the international players, whether it is from the previous years the number of applicants participating countries or have a more substantial upgrade, not only to participate in Asia's Fashion Union State players, there are many enthusiastic contribution of cutting-edge designers in Europe and America, they We want to show their fashion ideas in the Chinese stage.

  At present, China's textile and garment industry is the development of the exchange rate schedule, restructuring digestion period pains and irritating investment, highlighting the pressure on the survival of SMEs; the same time, the textile industry as one of the traditional perception of "polluting industries" , both from their own perspective of sustainable development or social responsibility dimension must be energy conservation, quality and efficiency as an important issue for future development. Therefore, the time to guide the healthy development of the industry to boost its mission of China International Fashion Design Competition organizers, and government has a huge Keqiao textile industry, especially the theme of this year's event as "change and environmental protection", it is hoped from the perspective of fashion creative essay solved, providing more sustained impetus for industry to move on.

  Once, a contest evaluate the success mainly depends on the organizers, the number of entries, the standard works, the judges camps, propaganda ...... the only thing missing for the winners of the re-shaping feature. The China International Fashion Creative design contest almost have all possess highly successful events and functions. The contest that will build a creative fashion and commercial value of the perfect combination of events, the organizing committee also set up specifically for contestants primaries fashion illustration, design finals finished catwalk, fashion designers and fabric companies Shaoxing butt winning works in China textile City Exhibition Center, and many other aspects of long-term display.

  For six years, the district government Keqiao, China Textile City for the development of events provides a strong industry support and fertile ground for entrepreneurship. Attaches great importance to the development of the local textile and creative industries, a large number of "GuoZiHao" fashion agency, "national" professional events have been settled in China Textile City. After 10 years of development, China Keqiao International Textile Fair has become the largest, most influential, professional, international, the highest level of information of a professional event. Each session of the China International Fashion Design Competition finals will be held, has become one of the important activities supporting the show.