China's leather industry entered a period of adjustment into a brand new historical mission

China's leather industry entered a period of adjustment into a brand new historical mission

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This year, China's above-scale leather industry body the economy showing "slow in stabilization, steadily," the trend, exports warming trend is particularly significant. From the data, from January to August 2014, more than our body size leather industry sales revenue, profits, export growth was 9.8%, 13.7% and 10.3%, in addition to a slight decrease in sales growth, profits and exports increase the rate has accelerated in recent years, the comprehensive industry run trend analysis, future growth is expected to continue the current steady development trend, the future can be expected.



In fact, the macro data is not fully consistent with the industry perception, the economic impact of the new norm for the leather industry has become increasingly evident, but also feel different enterprises all have different. These can be a glimpse of what the ACLE / CIFF / MODA SHANGHAI2014 (China International Leather Exhibition, China International Footwear Fair and the China International bags, Fur garments and apparel exhibition) in. After all, China International Leather Exhibition can be described as the culmination of the collection industry, the global financial resources, embrace the essence of the channel, the Department of forward thinking, dynamic industry of the considerable near, far to seek future development.

New pricing and more

In-depth industry adjustment period, China International Leather Fair as an important business platform, its business showcase new technologies and products, highlight the brand value, product promotion strategy to attract domestic and foreign customers, expanding the role of the market and other aspects of the increasingly prominent.

Raw hides and skins prices climbing higher and higher upstream of the leather industry, synthetic leather prices have been declining, from 3.6 yuan / square meter fell to 1.35 yuan / square meter, the price of natural rubber also showed a downward trend from the peak of 40,000 yuan per ton to 1.3 yuan per ton. Although the raw material price pressures ease, but labor costs are difficult to alleviate.

Zhejiang Huari round Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Leader Yu Jingmin presentation, corporate labor costs annual growth rate of 8% -9%, while the original product prices basically stable, the past two years there is no price, but the company's profit margin is slightly growth, mainly by stimulating new products. Huari round plastic Main high-grade rubber soles, the sole domestic prices are generally 40-50 yuan, while the prices of their products at 100 yuan. Because of fierce competition, and taking into account the relationship with the customer, the enterprise is difficult for the original product price increases, has maintained the original price level, but the new products has dramatically prices. Foamed rubber soles, for example, cost $ 15, the price of up to 45 yuan, the profit level can be imagined.

Develop new products in order to sustain a profit of one trillion strategies Footwear Company Limited Suzhou City, too, would have been hit much trillion a shoe snow boots, snow boots, but in recent years the market is chaotic, entrants, or have the amount of priceless or have immeasurable value, great impact on the enterprise. Shen Zhao Weihua, general manager of a shoe, said its domestic sales of snow boots ex-factory price has fallen by more than ten points. The exhibition trillion a girl brought a new twist shoes that people known as the "egg roll shoes" to fill a blank terminal retail sale spring and summer, making it all the year round seasonal products, and secondly, new profits are very substantial sense. Shen said, a pair of girl's shoes twisted ex-factory price in more than 70 yuan, but the price is 200 yuan, a number of manufacturers have expressed strong interest in its new products, intends to do its agent.

Exhibitors for many years chairman of the public Xu Jianxin Leather Co., said companies have recently faced raw hides import price fluctuations, labor costs, increased environmental pressures and other negative factors, yields are affected, but the sales revenue due to price increase not be affected, but benefits affected. The companies brought the latest development and production of various electronic products for touch "goat conductive glove leather", by Chinese and foreign investors praise. Rising Leather Co., Ltd. Haining Board Zhou Hua Long purpose of this trip is hoped that through the exhibition, further understanding of market trends, looking for high-quality research and development of new environmentally friendly products.

Many companies borrowed from the show to launch new products. O'Connell officially released for the Korean star Jin Xiuxian tailored "Jin Xiuxian Asian custom series" Bullock shoes. On September 19, held in South Korea Incheon Asian Games opening ceremony, opening ceremony as guest performers Jin Xiuxian, wearing shoes in the series finale debut, after the Asian Games in sync with the style series are sold online and offline. O'Connell also launched at the show, "O'Connell Experience Center", launched last year as the "International Museum of O'Connell" an upgraded version, Aokang chairman Wang Tao introduced, "O'Connell museum experience" will focus more on consumers personalized experience, and with the line By selling on-line linkage, to meet consumer demand for more, which also indicates the direction of future development O'Connell - to build China's leading footwear retail service operators.

Baotuan win big orders

Prominent industry characteristics and service needs to promote a regional brand, to create the image of the cluster in the industrial base of resource aggregation effect and cost advantage to attract a large number of domestic brands and world-renowned buyers orders, which became China Leather Exhibition unique competitive advantage one.

Footwear Yinan become one of the fastest growing industries, creating jobs become wealthy and important industry, safety shoes and shoes in China occupies an important position in the field. In won the "Chinese shoe-making base" opportunity Yinan attaches great importance to the development of the footwear industry, to strengthen the one hundred Chinese shoes, Huili shoes, Spring shoes, one hundred Chinese footwear, footwear Acer and other key companies cultivate this second is the rate of all the elite came to Shanghai. Huili shoes because of their advanced equipment, excellent product quality outlook invited to participate Honeywell R & D test center, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on safety shoes value billion. Honeywell is a $ 30 billion diversified technology and manufacturing leader, every Boeing aircraft, the 30% of the product is written in their company. To this end, Huili shoes specifically set up two semi-automatic production lines for the production of special orders for products, new capacity is expected next year to 1 million pairs.

Footwear is also a rewarding one hundred Hua, not only with Australian customers signed orders for high unit price of $ 50, and with the French manufacturers of intensive negotiations, if successfully obtained a version of the largest single-year 500,000 pairs of addition outside also said the recent foreign customers to personally visit the factory inspection. Between visits, the Indian manufacturers of raw materials has come to discuss cooperation matters, offered low-cost supplier. Guoxing Mei, general manager of the exhibition represents really worthwhile: In the past are giving service, it is now home services, but not everywhere, all the way down, all links are transferred to. But because too many customers want to talk about, in addition to the pavilion too, she failed to fully visit the exhibition also deeply regret.

Chinese shoes production base in Huidong shoe organized 10 exhibitors, unified special equipment in order to highlight the regional Huidong footwear brands, more than 300 kinds of styles of women's fashion show, reception from Russia, Australia, Brazil, Europe, Middle East and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, more than 8,000 people, and domestic businessmen, signed a purchase and sales contracts scene 12, ordered 150,000 pairs of women's fashion, the contract amount of 7.2 million yuan; purchase and sale contract signed 35 intention, the intention of ordering 680,000 pairs of shoes, the intention of the contract amount 32.6 million yuan.

New developments in science and technology help

China's leather industry after the completion of the mission of expansion, the growth is no longer the ultimate goal to value innovation as the core brand to develop into a new historical mission, and technology integration has become an inevitable future development of the industry. China International Leather Fair as industry boosters, help companies showcase the most leading the concept and service solutions for industry transformation and upgrading to provide strong scientific support.

"The show is not just trade and exchange platform, is leading the industry to follow the benchmark national policies and industrial planning and healthy development." Su Chaoying China Leather Association, he said this is the key processing trade industry restructuring, the relevant state ministries and local for this topic are issued a detailed policy measures, which forced companies to make a difference in the product, equipment, environmental protection, technological innovation.

"The low-end market is relatively saturated, high-end break, Cornell Group is the only way to grow the brand." Cornell Group Chairman HKSAR Hong says. Cornell footwear impressions of the current international advanced level in the non-contact white four-head three-dimensional foot scanner, customer standing on a transparent glass turntable, only one key operation, the dial will automatically rotate, HD recording device will automatically various dimensions of customer foot shot, and instantly get a complete three-dimensional data of the entire foot. These data can be displayed on the computer screen in real time, analyze transforming into a shoe last production data, to create conditions for large-scale custom footwear. "Cornell family" business department official said, "Cornell family" willing to establish exclusive private data files for every guest, through scientific and sophisticated foot measurement, personalized customization. This advanced device has attracted attention of many viewers, during the exhibition Cornell collected more than 300 guests foot data.

To create the most advanced science and technology demonstration and leading platform, it is China International Leather Fair responsibility and constant pursuit. Chemical giant BASF is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions, mainly includes four aspects: automotive leather solutions, high-end leather waterproof leather and solutions; overall water treatment solutions to enhance product value proposition. For example, its new high-performance waterproof leather fatliquor - water new enemy HP, using advanced dispersion technology, 30% less than the traditional process of production time, so energy conservation, but also free of halogenated organic solvents and can be adsorbed thereof. Another chemical giant Lanxess flagship "sustainable solution" to demonstrate the future-oriented new leather production technologies, taking into account economic, ecological rationality and interests of consumers. It is to declare the patent Levotan X-Biomer technology truly effective use of biopolymers, with a high degree of biodegradability, tanning wastewater treatment firms up the chemical oxygen demand (COD) is reduced by 30%, the production to meet the high-tech requirements wet blue leather, such as cars or children's footwear for leather materials.

Expectations for the future, through visits to a number of exhibitors, the industry generally believe that the industry may need a transition period of two to three years. Indeed, the current Chinese leather industry has entered into an era of innovative ideas, which is the number of sectors to benefit from the transition period, as well as industry towards product innovation, technological innovation, change of model innovation, but also the industry from the big country to power forging period. After this adjustment, after change. the future of China's leather industry will usher in a new period of development.